acoustic EP 1

by gregchipkin

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released August 26, 2016



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Track Name: on//off
I think all of these things are catching up with me
You seem so unfamiliar when your mind's not at ease

Never stall to speak your mind. I'll be fine

Here now, breathing next to me
Could feel your evening quiet
Scared now, but I'm so close to sleep
Could feel your eyes embarrassed

I think of all of these walls endlessly
Hear you talk about your plans of staying clean
And there's not anything that you can say to me
Aligned but on the outside // illusions incomplete

Here now, you are all I see
Her voice low, talk of anything
She said "you always have a part of me"
So stay close, forget everything
Track Name: noone is home
Carry on and let it go
A dotted line you walk along
Sleepless nights you spend alone
Keep the lights on cuz noone's home

I sat outside and thought under the low lights
And wondered if there'd be a better right time
If I could trace it back to all my first lines
I'd find a way to make it work if that is what you want
A feeling we retrace but don't resolve

Ignore the thoughts and turn away
Don't focus hard // is what they'll say
Something that won't disintegrate
Take in deep breaths to alleviate

Don't stay inside and think of all of those nights
I'll sell my soul to friends and all the late drives
If I could trace it back to all my first lines
I'd find a way to make it work if that is what you want

Second guesses leave us feeling stuck
You'll never know if it feels right enough
Take a chance and swear not to give up
A feeling that I shouldn't trust too much
Track Name: flickering light
Sometimes it's hard to trust what feels so right
I am a flickering light that cannot shine without a spark
And I'm waiting for a response
As it all comes to the surface again

On letting go
Easier said than done
Let your love grow
I'll stay here and you'll go
Is there a way?

At times when sight is lost
Retrace steps where our paths cross
I was withheld for too long
(can you see it's not wrong words alone just don't express what should be known)
And I'm still waiting for a response
As it all comes to the surface again

On letting go
Never been that strong
Let your love grow
I'll stay here whereever you go

Is there a way?
I'll find my own way
Take my back to a different place
I'll be hopeful and you will hesitate
Track Name: coffee pots
In a summer's daydream I imagine myself as if everything would just fall right into its right place. I've been practicing my lines, if you would listen, I could share all my thoughts over warm coffee pots. It's all just fiction in my head, and you don't have time to stay around for a while, I put myself on trial now.

In my own head, I don't know that everything's alright. If you could just reassure me its fine. Then I would fall asleep so easily

While you're out finding a dream, can't help but feel so in between your ideal and incomplete. It seems as if there's no perfect time and place when you're not so stuck inside your head. It's fucking obvious that nothing good will come from these thoughts in my mind. I wonder how you sleep at night

In your own head, don't need no reassurance, you're fine. If you could just reassure me we're fine. So why can't I fall asleep